Spinzilla! Knitting Butterflies Podcast

Thank you so much for watching! Today I have a recap of the Spinzilla event with Team Fancy Tiger.

Ways to connect with me:

Come see me at Rhinebeck, Needles Up!, Indie Untangled and Knit Knosh!




  • I purchased a new toy for my phone called the Poser Snap Mobile Studio. It includes a macro lens, a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, and an external light source. I’ll update you on how well these tools work over the next couple of weeks.


Thank you so much to Susie White for donating a copy of her Endless Maze pattern! 

Episode 48 – Focus on Photography

In this episode, I talk about the concept of focusing on “the moment” in life with a camera.

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Episode 47 – Fiber Updates

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In this episode, I update you on the fiber adventures I have been having since starting a new job.

Episode 46 – Stitches West

This episode is a recap of Stitches West.


  • The main reason for going to Stitches was to visit the Knitmore Girls (Jasmin and Gigi) and do family photos.
  • I met Boston Jen from the Down Cellar Studio podcast at the airport and we stayed at Jasmin’s house together.


  • We started our morning with the family photo session. We used a family favorite park as the backdrop and went back and forth between the natural areas and the playground. Jen was an awesome assistant, and I also used my new Instax camera to make the session more fun for Genevieve.
  • Lunch was at Smashburger, which I love. Dinner was at Adelita’s, and I was excited to try some California Mexican food.
  • We also picked up our press passes and met some of the vendors at Stitches.


  • We picked up Joanna Johnson at the airport, who was doing book signings at the Wooly Wonka Fibers booth and staying at Jasmin’s house with us.
  • Lunch was Pho Lang, which was also new for me but it was my favorite new meal of the trip. We had lunch with the amazing and talented Sivia Harding.
  • We came back for the market preview, and Jen and I picked up mugs from Jennie the Potter. Then we headed to the Never Not Knitting booth to meet Alana Dakos and Kate Oates.
  • I bought some yarn from White Birch Fiber Arts in “Killabees.”
  • Jen, Gigi and I went to the Steven and Stephen in 3 Acts show.
  • We brought presents for our hosts. For Genevieve, I sewed a project bag out of Frozen fabric using the tutorial from Nicole from Hue Loco. I knit Rex a Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits out of Brown Sheep Company Cotton Fleece. Jasmin and Gigi both received bags from Knerd, a local screen printing artist.


  • Some of the favorite booths:
    • Western Sky Knits
    • Pepperberry Knits
    • Lindsey in Erin Lane Bags
    • Little Skein in the Big Wool
    • Wooly Wonka Fibers – I finally bought my Rainbow A-Long kit for Suburban Stitcher
    • Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
  • We went to Rok for dinner.


  • I decided to put together a project completely at Stitches. I chose the Quicksilver Shawl by Melanie Berg.
    • Yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Company
    • Erin Lane Project Bag
    • Needles from Indian Lake Artisans
  • Podcasters I met
    • Kelly from Two Ewes Fiber Adventures
    • Yarniacs
    • 2 Knit Lit Chicks
    • Knotty Girls
    • Jan from Twin Set Designs
    • Joscelyn from Knitventures
  • I also met Lars Reins, author of The Modern Lopi
  • Dinner was from Kabob at Jasmin’s house


  • Helped Joanna get to the airport and return the rental car
  • Took my first Uber back to the convention center
  • Jen had to go home a litter earlier than planned
  • Went back to the Western Sky Knits to pick up a giveaway
  • *forgot to mention the massage I got. It was perfect and extremely necessary after such a big adventure.**
  • I met Stephanie from Creative Bug
  • I met Danielle Nii (designer and technical editor for Interweave) and Karen of the Windy Hill Knits booth at the airport, and then we flew home together.

Episode 45 – FO the Win!

Clicking Away:

Thank You and Events:


  • This week we are giving away a copy of Free Spirit Knits by Anne Podlesak. Be sure to check out the Wooly Wonka Fibers podcast!


  • This episode I am sharing the new book Henry’s Hat by Eric and Joanna Johnson. You can find copies of it in their Etsy shop, Amazon, your local yarn shop, or Stitches West in the Wooly Wonka Fibers booth.

Photography Talk:

  • My other photographer friends and I did a headshot session all together. I learned a lot about what it is like to be in front of the camera instead of behind it.
  • Everyone has a side of their face they like better. Be sure to let your photographer know which side you prefer!

Episode 44 -Socks and Storage

In this episode I finish and start a bunch of new socks, review the book Free Spirit Knits by Anne Podlesak, and talk about digital photo storage.

Fiber Stories


ZigZagular pattern knit from One Twisted Tree

ZigZagular pattern knit from One Twisted Tree

Vanilla Socks knit out of Regia Arne and Carlos

Vanilla Socks knit out of Regia Arne and Carlos



Today I am reviewing the book Free Spirit Knits by Anne Podlesak.

Free Spirit Knits: 20 Knitted Garments and Accessories Inspired by the Southwest

By Anne Podlesak

Interweave/F+W; $25.99



I discuss how to store your digital photos to prevent loss of data. The guidelines are:

3 – at least 3 different places to store images

2 – at least 2 different storage platforms

1 – at least 1 offsite storage location

Episode 43 – Star Wars Day


What I am wearing:

Fiber Stories:


  • Knit Knosh – Becky from Knit Actually Podcast, January 23, 12:30-3:30 at the Samples World Bistro and includes a four course meal and yarn sampling. To sign up go to knitknosh.com
  • Stitches West -February 18-21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California
  • Interweave Yarn Fest – April 2nd and 3rd at the Embassy Suites convention center in Loveland, CO
  • Zombie Knitpocalypse – June 1-5 in Rochester, MN
  • Rhineback in October

Book Review:

For this episode I reviewed the Kids’ Knitting Workshop by Susan B. Anderson. It’s an excellent resource for teaching children (or anyone) to knit.