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Thank you so much for watching! Today I have a recap of the Spinzilla event with Team Fancy Tiger.

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  • I purchased a new toy for my phone called the Poser Snap Mobile Studio. It includes a macro lens, a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, and an external light source. I’ll update you on how well these tools work over the next couple of weeks.


Thank you so much to Susie White for donating a copy of her Endless Maze pattern! 

Knit Knosh! – Interview with Becky from Knit Actually

Knit Knosh Colorado Knitting Event Wine Food YarnThank you so much for watching! Today I interviewed my friend Becky from the Knit Actually podcast about her event Knit Knosh. If you would like to join us at this event, you can purchase tickets by clicking here.

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What the Fade Flame Hat Fair Isle Cardigan Steeked Spinning Fleece

Frog Pond Ponderings – Knitting Butterflies

Thank you for watching! Sorry this one is so jarring in the beginning, I hadn’t had any caffeine yet and I kept yawning ūüôā

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Intense Knitting – Knitting Butterflies Podcast

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In this episode I talk about:


**The hashtag #becauseofknitting was originally from Michelle of the Actually Knitting Podcast in her episode 16. Give her a listen, she is fabulous and a dear friend of mine!**

Do you ever have those moments of epiphany? Where everything just falls into place so magically and you had no idea it was set up that way? I had a moment like that recently.

The truth is, I crave human companionship. I think that’s the reason why I started listening (aka became obsessed) with podcasts and even started one of my own. Even though others aren’t necessarily in the room or talking directly to me, I feel like I am having a conversation over coffee about knitting and other parts of my favorite craft.

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I have met some of the most amazing people through the podcast. My epiphany moment was when I looked at all of my current projects and realized every single one had a story with someone who had touched my life. I am currently knitting three different projects using yarn and a project bag from Danie of One Twisted Tree and the Prairie Girls Podcast, who has become such a dear friend and business accountability partner. Patterns by Susie of the Prairie Girls Podcast and Sarah of the In a Sknit Podcast make me smile every time I look at them. A project bag by Boston Jen of the Down Cellar Studio podcast and a needle minder from Java Jennie of the Kitchen Counter Crafter Etsy shop make me so happy to remember Stitches Midwest this past summer. Oh! Loops Yarn and a pattern by Lydia Brown of the Fiber By Design podcast make me remember how generous and kind Sarah and Lydia have been to me this year. Sock blockers (gifted by Laurie) and a fireflies project bag (gifted by Kristen of the Happy Stitcher Designs Etsy Shop) make me feel so much joy at having listeners who have chosen to bless me with their thoughtfulness. 

It’s not just the generosity that makes me feel overjoyed; it’s the level of relationship I have discovered through knitting. I feel bad because there are so many other amazing friendships not pictured in this photo I have made through knitting, but I thought this might be a good start. I know I will meet many more of you at Stitches West and Zombie Knitpocalypse come 2016, and I am looking forward to building relationship with you too! Have a blessed day!

How has knitting led the way to relationships and friendships for you?

New Year Finishing

I recently finished a big project, which I will go into later. For some reason, though, everyry time I finish a giant project I run out of steam. I have no desire to cast on something new for a week or so, but it usually puts me on a finishing kick. I decided to use my time this time around to finish a bunch of works in progress sitting in my sock bin.

I started with hubby’s Regia socks. These are knit out of Regia North Pole color, which is their six ply. This made it so I only had to knit 56 stitches around and they went surprisingly fast, especially considering he has size 13 feet. I used the Lifestyle Toe Up Sock method and knit them on US 1s. 

Socks from Stitches Midwest. Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too, Needles: US 2's (I should have used 1s). Pattern: Basic vanilla cuff down Ravelry Page

Socks from Stitches Midwest. Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too, Needles: US 2’s (I should have used 1s). Pattern: Basic vanilla cuff down¬†Ravelry Page

With those done I started working on socks that have been sitting around a LONG time on New Year’s Eve. These were started in St. Louis when I visited Sarah from In a Sknit before we met Kristi, Susie and Danie from Prairie Girls Knit and Skin podcast, and Boston Jen from Down Cellar Studio podcast at Stitches Midwest. That trip was one of two that made 2014 a really fantastic year! All I had left on the second sock was the toe and weaving in the ends. 

Socks from Dominican Republic trip. Yarn: Patons Kroy Stripes  Needles: US 1s  Pattern: Basic vanilla cuff down sock with 3x1 rib on cuff and top of foot. Ravelry Page

Socks from Dominican Republic trip.¬†Yarn:¬†Patons Kroy Stripes ¬†Needles:¬†US 1s ¬†Pattern:¬†Basic vanilla cuff down sock with 3×1 rib on cuff and top of foot.¬†Ravelry Page

I also pulled out the socks I started on my husband and my trip to Dominican Republic for our anniversary. I had finished knitting them awhile ago but had put off grafting the toes. I finally grafted them and I love them so much! They make me think of drinking margaritas on the beach while knitting.

Rainbow Dash Socks. Yarn: Cuppycake Yarnz Rainbow Dash  Needles: US 1's Pattern: Jeck  Ravelry Page

Rainbow Dash Socks.¬†Yarn:¬†Cuppycake Yarnz Rainbow Dash ¬†Needles:¬†US 1’s¬†Pattern:¬†Jeck ¬†Ravelry Page

The last socks I finished during our New Year’s Eve celebration were from back in May, my Rainbow Dash socks. I hd a love-hate relationship with knitting these because I loved the yarn and how it knits in stockinette, but I didn’t like the pattern I had chosen. I had already frogged and reknit these once though because of the crazy pattern, so I didn’t want to do it again. Overall, though, I’m pretty happy. Last night I knit half of the foot on the second sock and the toe and wove in all the ends.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to add so many pairs of socks to my sock drawer!  I love every pair, and with the freezing cold weather we have had they are a welcome addition to my wardrobe. Now I get to decide on what projects to start for the new year! Happy 2015, everyone!

What did you finish in 2014 that you are really proud of? Tell me all about it, and feel free to link to your blog and project pages!