Episode 55 – Great Outdoors KAL Winners!

Clicking Away:

  • I decided to start fresh after Stash Dash with a new pair of vanilla socks for my husband out of some Opal 6-ply yarn I bought from a closeout Etsy shop.
  • I wove a scarf for myself out of the handspun Into the World “Follow the Butterflies” yarn I won a blue ribbon for last year.
  • I started a new pair of socks out of White Birch Fiber Arts “Electric Slide” so I could have some easy movie/car knitting.
  • I knitted a hat I designed myself that was inspired by the Broadway musical¬†Hamilton out of some Cascade Heritage Sock yarn and Leading Men Fiber Arts.


  • Jasmin surprised me with a HUMONGOUS cake to say congrats for winning Stash Dash 2016.
  • Boston Jen sent me some fun Regia Yarn and some other goodies as a thank you for pushing her to beat us all ūüôā
  • Danie from Prairie Girls gave me an amazing experience, catching fireflies!
  • Several of us have coordinated for the next knitalong:

The Big, Bad Bergalong

  • Coordinated with: Michelle from Actually Knitting, Kristi from In a Sknit, Commuter Jen from Commuter Knitter Podcast, Prairie Girls Susie and Danie, and Boston Jen from Down Cellar Studio podcast.
  • We are so lucky to have the designer Melanie Berg offering our listeners a 10% discount on her patterns (self-published) starting September 15th, 2016 and ending November 2, 2016. Use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout.We are also going to be working with 3 Indie Dyers for this KAL.

    Sun Valley Fibers
    There will be Free Shipping in the US for kits and special pricing on the kits that they are making up just for this KAL. You can get the same kit as I am getting or as one of the other podcasters. More information is coming, but look for a special link “Big Bad Berg-Along” on their website. Use the code¬†BigBadBergAlong¬†at checkout.

    Lollipop Yarns
    On September 11 at 7pm Eastern there will be an update featuring Duet and Trio kits especially for Ashbury or Quicksilver patterns. She will be offering Free Shipping if you use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout. She will have these kits up for preview starting Monday September 5th, 2016 in the Lollipop Yarn Ravelry Group as well as on her website, linked above.

    Oh! And there will be a self-striping update on Sunday September 4th at 7pm.

    One Twisted Tree
    Danie will be offering a couple of different fall themed kits for the KAL. Check out the website for more information. My shawl will be knit out of her yarn in “Mint,” “Bark,” and “Seashell” and I will be knitting “All Paths Lead Home.”

Great Outdoors KAL Wrap Up:

  • We had over 680 entries into the Great Outdoors KAL this year! Great job getting outdoors!¬†If you heard your name, please PM me as EmilyStraw on Ravlery with the prize you won, along with your address if needed. Thank you for your participation!

Episode 54 – Finish Line


Great Outdoors KAL:

Reminder to join the Great Outdoors KAL! Visit this page to see all of the amazing prizes and see how you can win!

Clicking Away:

Episode 53 – Suddenly Sweaters


I’m sorry this episode ends abruptly, I had to jump off and haven’t been able to find the time to finish it out. But, I figure this episode is better than no episode! Thank you always for your support! ‚̧

Clicking Away:

  • Finished my Riley Rose shawl by Boston Jen in One Twisted Tree Prime in the PALKAL mini skein kit.
  • Reworked my Starshower Cowl by Hillary Smith Callis in One Twisted Tree Glimmer in “Dream of the Cosmos.”
  • Finished some shorty socks out of Luna Grey Fiber Arts in Celeste in the “Rockies” colorway.
  • Finished the knitting on a Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos out of Cascade 220 superwash sport.
  • Finished the knitting on my oldest’s Jesse Half Zip sweater by Kate Oates in Knits for Boys out of Cascade 220 superwash in “856 – Aporto.”
  • Finished the body and yoke of my Hiro cardigan by Julia Farewell Clay out of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Superwash Worsted.
  • Started a baby sweater from Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters out of Western Sky Knits “Nightfall.” I’m doing a v-neck cardigan with set in sleeves.

Other Crafting:

  • Sewed myself two skirts using Sew Many Dresses, So Little Time by Tanya Whelan.
  • Instant Pot from Amazon Prime Sale
  • Visited The Loopy Ewe and My Sister Knits with Becky from Knit Actually and Jen Knitting Around

Photography Talk:

  • How much of today’s photos are created using Photoshop vs. in camera?

Episode 52 – Great Outdoors Knitting


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Great Outdoors KAL


Erin Lane Bag Giveaway






– follow up from last episode -you can you headphones volume button as a shutter release
– my camera is broken. Need to get it fixed, also would like mirrorless

Continuing KAL’S : Great Outdoors, Stash Dash, Splash Pad Party, PAL KAL, Batter Up KAL, Scowl KAL, Around Your Neck KAL, Scrappy Happy KAL, and keep an eye out for a Melanie Berg pattern knitalong this fall!

Episode 51 – Going Grellow

Reminder to join the Great Outdoors KAL! Visit this page to see all of the amazing prizes and see how you can win!

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Clicking Away:


  • I finished spinning some fiber from Gynx Yarn in the colorway “Riku.”



  • I spun some fiber from Sun Valley Fibers Superwash BFL in “Grellow




  • Android users can turn on the “Voice Control” setting on their camera phone, which will allow users to say “cheese” or “shoot” or “smile” and make their camera release the shutter.
  • If you know of something that allows the same usability on iPhone, let me know!



  • It has been awhile since any iTunes reviews have been added to the Knitting Butterflies Podcast, so if you leave a review you will be entered to win this beautiful bag from Erin Lane Bags!


Great Outdoors KAL 2016!

Here is all the information you need to find out about the Great Outdoors KAL 2016!


How to enter:

  • Knit something to use in the great outdoors
  • Knit something that reminds you of the great outdoors
  • Knit something while enjoying the great outdoors

Post a photo of any of the above to Instagram using the hashtag #greatoutdoorskal2016 or to the Ravelry group in the Great Outdoors KAL 2016 thread!



  • Skein of Sock yarn from Daizie Knits in “What, No Chips?”







Episode 50 – ZK Replay

I hope you enjoy this recap of the Zombie Knitpocalypse Retreat!

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  • Got to the airport super early
  • met up with Shana (shanalines) and Melissa (thePloverbird),¬†Kim (lilpixls) picked is up
  • Roomed with Danie from Prairie Girls
  • went to ballroom and checked in, got goodie bags
  • met up with Susie from Prairie Girls and Dianne from Suburban Stitcher
  • met Kristine from Yarnings Podcast
  • ate at Pescada with Kim
  • came back and knitted some more
  • stayed up late chatting with Cori and Megan and other knitters, Vicki from heartlandknits


  • continued checkin, knitted on my Bolting shawl
  • mingled and talked with Josh from Sword of a Knitter
  • headed to lunch at a Burger place
  • got my classroom put together and taught first class
    • Danie as my amazing helper
    • practiced with light using light setup and a bust
    • practiced posing and gave some tips
    • talked about using props and composition and using backgrounds effectively
    • extra tips people asked for: glasses, large groups, squinting
  • opening ceremony and giveaways
  • grabbed dinner at Jefe Rosa with Brian and Sari: #tacotimewithdanie
  • designer showcase
  • came back for pajama party and dessert: chocolate fruit
  • yarn lottery: last number, lace weight Tapestry 864 yards browns, red and purples
  • photo booth
  • knitted until midnight then came back to bed


  • breakfast at Pannakoeken with Danie
  • fiber prep for spinning class with Kim Twigi Teiji which was amazing! Lilblondegirl had some ITW grellow Superwash merino she didn’t want so she gifted it to me, came up later with another one!
  • podcaster panel
  • hosted by Ellen of Twinset
  • Kristine from Yarnings, Ginny from Penguin Soup, Julia from Whole Lotta Craft, Prairie Girls Danie and Susie, Diane from Suburban Stitcher, me, Mel from MelTranDesigns, and Jen from DaizieKnits.
  • taught my second photography class
  • went to Daizie’s class about the Master Knitter program
  • totally exhausted! Came back for prize drawings
  • went to Loop for dinner for teachers
  • sat with Amy Detjen, keynote speaker, ate white sauce pizza
  • keynote with Amy


  • quick breakfast from Starbucks
  • helped Danie set up for the market, ready to open at 9:30 for vendor access
  • I wore my Water and Stone cardigan out of One Twisted Tree Hinkypunk
  • 10-12 was market for retreat goers
  • took a break for lunch (what did we eat?)
  • came back for public market
  • market died down a little bit so I did some shopping
  • purchased from Daizieknits, Leading Men Fiber Arts, and Knit circus and Kitchen Counter Crafter
  • Danie gifted me some yarn in One Twisted Summer
  • dinner at Loop again before the goodbye event
  • came back for final round of prize drawings. I won a ZK cup, which I traded Danie for another Skein of Yarn in Girls Night Out
  • dancing video
  • hung out and knit with everyone I could find that I knew
  • book jazzy Nancy won a Pepsi Bag from Girl Cave Bags and only drinks Coke so she gifted me her bag
  • Danie went to bed, I stayed up until 1 am knitting with friends


  • helped Danie pack up, and I packed up
  • went to Hilton to meet Melissa, Shana and Kim so Kim could drive us back to the airport. Kim gifted me adorable stitch markers
  • great trip, ending this episode on a high note.