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Thank you so much for watching! Today I have a recap of the Spinzilla event with Team Fancy Tiger.

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  • I purchased a new toy for my phone called the Poser Snap Mobile Studio. It includes a macro lens, a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, and an external light source. I’ll update you on how well these tools work over the next couple of weeks.


Thank you so much to Susie White for donating a copy of her Endless Maze pattern! 

Knit Knosh! – Interview with Becky from Knit Actually

Knit Knosh Colorado Knitting Event Wine Food YarnThank you so much for watching! Today I interviewed my friend Becky from the Knit Actually podcast about her event Knit Knosh. If you would like to join us at this event, you can purchase tickets by clicking here.

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MJ Yarns
Bijou Basin Ranch
Colorful Electic
Knit Stitch Yarns
Modular Modular Bags

Becky’s Projects:
Knit Knosh Find Your Fade
Blooming Tee
Shawl Shrug
Atwood Shawl

What the Fade Flame Hat Fair Isle Cardigan Steeked Spinning Fleece

Frog Pond Ponderings – Knitting Butterflies

Thank you for watching! Sorry this one is so jarring in the beginning, I hadn’t had any caffeine yet and I kept yawning 🙂

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Intense Knitting – Knitting Butterflies Podcast

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In this episode I talk about:

Episode 47 – Fiber Updates

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In this episode, I update you on the fiber adventures I have been having since starting a new job.

2016 Resolution

I’m the kind of person that likes to set goals for myself. I’m constantly resolving to clean my house better, spend more time with my kids, work harder. It’s not really a New Year’s thing for me, more of an all-year-round thing. The problem is I often set goals that are 1) too abstract and 2) too lofty for me to reasonably reach. This year when deciding to set some goals, I did things a little differently. 

One goal I have is to really embrace my yarn stash. I went from a pretty small (ish) stash to one that made my husband look at my craft room and say “woah, you have a lot of yarn.” So many skeins were bought this last year that I loved, but I had yet to cast any of them on. Enter tangible, attainable goal 1: Knit 12 pairs of socks. I can knit a pair in about a week and a half if I work hard on it, and a pair a month is definitely doable for me. I decided to use the “brown bag” approach, where I choose 12 skeins and pick one random bag each month and knit it. I love to knit socks and I have a couple patterns that are my go-to, and I’m not worried about being stuck in a rut with any of these.  

I will put in a disclaimer, though, that the yarn I will use in January and February have already been chosen. January will be knit out of the first handspun I purposely designed to be socks. It’s an incredible Superwash BFL Nylon blend from Sunvalley Fibers. I have been aching to put this on the needles since it was skeined up, but Christmas knitting got in the way. I’m so excited to see how these socks turn out! I’m also participating in the Wooly Wonka Fibers Handspun KAL, (#handspunkal) and would love to have you join us. 

February’s yarn is from The Lemonade Shop in the colorway “Stormy Day.” I do like it, though it’s not really something that fits my personality. Suburban Stitcher is doing the Rainbow-Along, though, and I didn’t have anything to participate last year. I decided to use this year and the brown bag challenge as an opportunity to use this yarn. My sister also saw it and mentioned she might like some socks knit from it, so they will have a happy home when they are done. 

Other yarns I’m planning on knitting this year are some sock blanks, a Harry Potter yarn from Oh Loops, some White Birch Fiber Arts I picked up at Stitches, and a lot more. I figure this keeps my stash moving and prevents me from hoarding, as well as giving me a reason to buy sock yarn at all of the events I will be at this year. (Gotta stock up for 2017!) 

Do you have any long term knitting pland for 2016?