Episode 57 – Rhinebeck!

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  • I knit my 4th (and hopefully final) Hamilknit hat to finish the pattern. The pattern is in the final stages of editing and should be out very soon! If you would like to
    contribute to the podcast in honor of the pattern you can click here to contribute.





Credit to Boston Jen for the photos

  • We went to the grocery store and a “Packie Run”, then back to Jen’s house for the night. We did a bit of dressing up and I was glad to know that I don’t look good in Boxy.
  • Friday morning we met up with Jen’s mom, Diane, and Jen’s friend Emilia. We drove to Connecticut to have lunch with Commuter Knitter Jen.




  • We visited O-Wool, though I decided to hold off for awhile. I picked up some handmade ceramic buttons. We met up with Commuter Jen, Carlos and the babies!
  • Diane bought some fries and cheese sauce!
  • I met SO MANY wonderful people! Many are podcasters I have watched/listened to for a long time, and we met so many listeners! We met up with Candy from Paws 4 Stitches and she gifted me my favorite item from the weekend: a Hamilton Sock Blank wrapped in handmade Hamliton wrapping paper. And I met The Yarn Harlot!



  • After the Podcaster meetup we went to the barns to look at sheep. Then we went back to O-Wool and I bought 4 skeins of their sport weight in a sage green color. I also purchased a mug from the souveneir tent.


  • We headed to dinner with a large group. I felt terrible at this point, but dinner helped a lot, as well as sitting for 2.5 hours.
  • We headed back to the hotel, broke out the wine and shared all of our purchases. Then we went to bed.


  • The next morning we grabbed breakfast at the hotel again, then back to the festival. I wore my Water and Stone cardigan and Hamiknit hat again.
  • We went to the Leaping Llamas show. I found the Savvy Girls and sat with them during the show.
  • Michelle and I waited in line for Deep Fried Artichokes. Then I headed to Into the Whirled and picked up two braids of fiber. I thought about purchasing from Loop but decided against it.

Credit to Kristi from In a Sknit for the llama photo

  • I did purchase from the Dirty Water Dyeworks booth a Katrinkles sweater ornament.
  • I went back to the Blackberry Hills Farm booth and purchased 2 pounds of chocolate cormo lamb roving!
  • Amy from Hudson Valley Knits, Kristi and I got to enjoy apple cider donuts, courtesy of Lauren and Pete.


  • I went to the Miss Babs booth to find Michelle (looking for yarn for a poncho) and ended up purchasing one skein of yummy in a plum color to finish up my #bigbadbergalong shawl, along with 3 mini skeins to weave a scarf like the samples shown in the booth.
  • We went to the food building and I bought my husband some Rocky Road fudge. We met up with the Savvy Girls again and Melanie and I interviewed each other. We met Ysolda Teague.
  • Michelle, Kristi, Jen, Diane and I sat in the memorial garden area and ate apple crisp and looked at the leaves and knitted.


  • After one more pass through the barns, we decided it was time to go. The drive back to Boston was really long but it was so beautiful with the fall color and wildlife!
  • We dropped Diane off and visited her Wizard of Oz room, and packed up my roving and breakables. We got back to Jen’s house and did a Google Hangout with Danie from the Prairie Girls. Then we went to bed.
  • For breakfast we went to a local diner that is strawberry themed. Then Jen took us to the airport. Kristi and I were in the same terminal so we sat and knitted on rocking chairs.

Credit to Kristi from In a Sknit for the rocking chair photo

  • My flight home was great, I finished my husband’s socks and started the new pair. My flight neighbor loved watching me weave in the ends of my husband’s socks.
  • It was a fantastic trip! We said it was once in a lifetime, but we might have to go back so all of us can be there.


  • I didn’t get my mom’s camera before I left so I had to use my phone. I tried to pay attention to the light around me and composition. I also did an interview with Melanie from The Savvy Girls.
  • Be sure to check out the photo contests from Candy from the Paws4Stitches podcast too!


Episode 56 – Ham4Ham Knitting

Clicking Away:



  • I am knitting on All Paths Lead Home by Melanie Berg for the #bigbadbergalong. This knitalong is going on with several other podcasters.  I am using One Twisted Tree Fingering in “Bark,” “Mint,” and “Seashell.” You can enter to win a gift certificate from Sun Valley Fibers by entering in each of the podcaster’s groups. Here is the info on the knitalong (courtesy of Michelle from Actually Knitting).
  • 14473959_633041793522773_7630162877705355264_n_medium2
    • Our next Knit Along! The Big Bad BergAlong

      Join myself and some of my very favorite podcasters in knitting as many Melanie Berg patternsas we can!

      We will joined by:

      Knitting Butterflies
      The Knitmore GirlsWe are working with some fabulous Indie Dyers for this KAL:
      Sun Valley Fibers
      There will be Free Shipping in the US for kits and special pricing on the kits that they are making up just for this KAL. You can get the same kit as I am getting or as one of the other podcasters. More information is coming, but look for a special link “Big Bad Berg-Along” on their website. Use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout.Lollipop Yarns
      Joan is dyeing up some special Duet and Trio kits especially for Ashbury or Quicksilver patterns. She will be offering Free Shipping if you use the code BigBadBergAlong at checkout. She will be having a few more updates as she gets the yarn available, so check out her group on Ravelry and her website for specific details.One Twisted Tree
      Danie will be offering a couple of different fall themed kits for the KAL. Check

      out the website for more information.
  • My parents went to Scotland recently and picked up some fiber for me from The Handspinner Having Fun. I am spinning a two ply yarn that I hope to knit into a Rhinelust shawl by Melanie Berg.
  • I finished a pair of socks for my husband out of Opal 6 ply yarn.



  • I was inspired by Susie of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast, who trades baby props with a photographer for photo sessions. I started knitting some props for a photographer friend of mine, starting with small square blankets knit out of Tuff Puff from Knit Picks.


  • New York Sheep and Wool is coming up in Rhinebeck, New York and I will be attending for the first time! PLEASE come up and say hi and feel free to hug!
  • We are also heading to the Indie Untangled event the Friday before Rhinebeck.
  • My Rhinebeck sweater this year is my Hiro knit out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted in robin’s egg blue, cream, and tomato red. I am also going to wear my Water and Stone knit out of One Twisted Tree Lavish in Hinkypunk.



    • My parents recently traveled to Scotland and Iceland and brought back lots of photos and yarn. My mom used a Canon Power Shot camera (affiliate link) to capture photos of their adventures and it did a FANTASTIC job! I am hoping to take this camera to Rhinebeck with me. **Note, I didn’t end up taking it with me, but this is the latest model of the camera she used.



  • I did my first family session since I started my new job, and it was so nice to be behind the camera again. I used my Nikon D60, which is my older camera body, because my D5200 is still currently broken. I used my 18-200mm lens and my 50mm 1.8 lens for individual shots. We used the “Golden Hour” of sunlight to light the session and it turned out so beautiful.The Nikon D60 did struggle with noise in a higher ISO setting, though it still did a really great job.


  • I am so excited to tell you about the new book by Kate Oates called Grown. This book is a collection of Kate’s  children’s patterns that have been updated for adults. There are 11 different sweaters in this collection and I LOVE so many of them! My favorite is the Jesse Half Zip, as I knit the child version for my oldest son. This book is available for a Pre-order.
  • 2016-10-21_0001
    • Click here to purchase just the e-book
    • Click here to purchase the kit, which includes the e-book, a printed version of the book which will ship in January, a custom wooden stitch guage that will ship as well, and a pattern of a coordinating child’s sweater from Kate’s collection.



  • The Amplitude Pattern by Greg Cohoon has been released and I’m so excited for him! He has been working really hard on this pattern and it’s great to see it released.


  • The Fiber Knitche Podcast is a new podcast by my friend Jessica that is fantastic. She travels a lot and cooks delicious food.
  • The They Say Podcast by Lifetree is a fantastic podcast which explores the advice about parenting and marriage and self-care and nutrition, etc. and compares what the studies and science say to what the Bible says. I highly recommend this podcast for Christian women.