Episode 48 – Focus on Photography

In this episode, I talk about the concept of focusing on “the moment” in life with a camera.

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One thought on “Episode 48 – Focus on Photography

  1. LizzyTheMama says:

    I am very late catching up with this episode but I wanted to send you a note to let you know that you made me think of this topic differently.I used to bring my camera to EVERY family event or gathering and take pictures at every opportunity. After a while, I always felt like I was just watching the gathering rather than participating in it. Unfortunately, that meant I stopped bringing my camera along and spent more time just being a part of the group. After listening to this episode I was challenged to think about how I perceived the documentor role. I am pleased to say that I brought my camera with us yesterday (father’s day 2016) to the mountains and really enjoyed both being in the moment and taking some fantastic pictures of my husband and our boys.Thank you! I was sad for my future self who loves to look at pictures not getting those moments and now I don’t have to be.


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