Life Right Now

After my last podcast episode, I received several messages with encouraging thoughts and words that warmed my heart. Knowing that the podcast has meant so much to you has blessed me immensley. I have been overwhelmed by so many of you offering to bring meals to my family or come and visit with me (which, to an extrovert is like the best Christmas present ever!). I want to thank you and let you all know I have a fabulous support system in place, we have family, friends, our church and our neighborhood all ready to help us figure out what the fall will look like and make sure we are well taken care of. Thank you! 

I worked really hard to wrap up so many things this week. I drew prizes for the Great Outdoors KAL and have ear burned all the winners and announced them on the podcast as well. I had hoped to get prizes in the mail this week but that just didn’t happen, but I will send you a message when they go out if you won. The KAL was a great success and I had an absolute blast with it. I finished a big chunk of work and have just a few tiny things to catch up on when I get back. 

I have to say, now that all of my big stuff is taken care of, I kind of find myself in a strange place. I can knit what I want, which is what I normally do anyway, but this time it feels like it’s “for real.” With my photography business temporarily shut down, I can focus on building my technique and photographing what is most important to me: my family. There is a tiny bit of “now what?” going on in my mind. I don’t have any commitments right now, nobody is waiting on work from me and I don’t have to report any projects I’m working on. It feels strange.

I do like this feeling, but I can already tell that I’m not built for it to last forever. I’m a social person, and the podcast for me has been a huge community builder. It’s more than just me sitting behind my computer and reporting on my latest projects and blunders; it’s about connecting with you all on a deeper level. Through the podcast I have made some of the most wonderful friends I could have imagined; people who “get” my obsession with yarn and craftiness, who are kind and thoughtful, and who have blessed me with relationship on a regular basis. I have discovered how much I love teaching photography and watching you all grow as photographers. The podcast has pushed me and helped me discover more of who I am as a person. For that I am forever grateful and looking forward to the spring. In the meantime I plan on snuggling a new nephew, playing in some leaves with my kids, and of course, knitting. Life is good. 

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