Episode 39 – Safaris and Sewing

Clicking Away:

Great Outdoors KAL Update:

  • Knit anything while enjoying the great outdoors, that you will use in the great outdoors, or that reminds you of the great outdoors. For a full list of rules and photos of the prizes, visit the Ravelry board or this post.
  • Prizes include:
  • More prizes coming soon!



  • Thank you to Holity (Terri) for starting the “Photography Fun” thread in the Ravelry board
  • I will be offering “FO” photography at both of the events I’m attending, wear your favorite FO and let me take your photo!
  • When posing yourself:
    • Put your weight on your back leg
    • Create negative space between your arms and your waist
    • Lean slightly forward
    • Chin down and out
    • Find something to do with your hands
    • Glasses – tip them down to avoid reflections from flash


  • I bought the book Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time **Affiliate link** by Tanya Whelan and tried it
  • I tried to sew a dress based on a McCall’s pattern and failed miserably
  • I also sewed myself a maxi skirt

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