A Dress for Me… or Not?

I love wearing dresses. I love looking at dresses. I love styling dresses. It would only make sense that I would love to sew dresses, right? 

That’s what I thought when I started this project. I picked up the pattern McCall’s M6891 on sale at Joann with some beautiful gray fabric with cherries. I looked EVERYWHERE on the pattern package for sizing information and couldn’t find it, so I assumed I was a size 8 like I was in a previous Vogue pattern. 

First mistake.

I brought everything home and prepped it (did you know you can iron patterns? It makes them oh so much easier to use!) and got started. I cut everything out for the size 8 AND THEN I found the information on sizing.


Apparently a size 8 requires a 24 inch waist, which I don’t think I have had since my high school swimming days when a friend yelled “Hey! You have a six pack!” at me. Needless to say, 13 years and 4 kids later, my six pack and 24 inch waist are well… not 24 inches any more.

At this point I started weighing my options. I hated to waste the fabric, and I still wanted to learn how to sew this dress. I reached out to a couple of friends and asked if one of their daughters would like it. Now that I knew someone out there would use it, I decided to move forward.

Everything was going great. Nice, long seams make sewing seem so much more efficient than knitting sometimes. Until I ran into the collar.

Let me preface by saying I have read several blogs about the collar, and it left even experienced seamstresses confused. I decided to push forward. 

Then it was terrible. I tried to rip out my stitches, and THIS happened. A great big ugly hole, right in the middle of the collar where my seam ripper got away from me.

At this point I took a breath and decided to finish the collar as best as I could. That hole, though, is glaring at me, reminding me of my apparent incompetence at sewing. I sent this photo to my mom, and I’m going to take her advice: put it in time out and bring it to her house to fix it.

Moms are the best. We’ll see how this saga ends soon.

One thought on “A Dress for Me… or Not?

  1. Sandy says:

    You’re right. Every blog I’ve read says to avoid this particular pattern like the plague solely because of the collar. (Was your Mom able to fix the hole?)


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