Lobster Claw

Have you ever made a project that made your friends take a minute and say, “Hmmmm……?” I recently half-finished one of those projects. 

First of all, I have to say that I totally have a knitting crush on Elizabeth Green Mussleman. She came up with a fabulous pattern called Hunting Gloves. These gloves, knit from yak down, are the perfect cold-weather hunting accessory. The thumb and pointer finger are free to move, while the other three fingers can sit together snugly, making it perfect for archery or rifle hunting in the cold.

I do shoot archery, but not terribly often because I don’t like the cold. The combination of it being an EGM pattern, useful in my actual life, knitting with some of the most fantastic yarn I have ever knit with, and a bit of rubbernecking when the pattern was released made it at the top of my list. (For the rubbernecking, you will have to watch EGM’s podcast, Dark Matter Knits. It’s quite comical.) 

Pattern: Hunting Gloves by Elizabeth Green Mussleman Yarn: Bijou Spun Sport Weight Ravelry Page

Pattern: Hunting Gloves by Elizabeth Green Mussleman Yarn: Bijou Spun Sport Weight Ravelry Page

I won’t give away too much of the pattern construction (this is a paid-for pattern that is worth every cent), I will say the grafting at the end almost gave me a bit of trouble. I was sitting at the Loopy Ewe for knit night with this limp thing on my lap, trying to graft the holes together. I decided to actually wear the glove on my left hand and graft it with my right, which created a lot of odd stares among the knitters in the group. What was that thing on my hand? Was it a knitted lobster claw?

As I began to graft the holes back together, there was a collective “Ahhhhhhh!” when it was finished! I explained how I wanted these gloves for archery, and everyone wanted to feel the luxurious yarn. I think this is the kind of project that is seen so rarely because it fits perfectly in a niche. But, when that niche is found, the project suddenly becomes the best thing ever. I can hardly wait for these to be done and take them camping!

Have you ever knit a strange-looking project that fit a very specific purpose? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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