A Gramps Unfinished

Sometimes I think I may be overdoing things. After all, I am a mom of four kids, which keeps me plenty busy. I have a business to run out of my home, and a podcast to maintain. This often makes me wonder why in the world do I push myself so hard to make all of the things? 

Gramps Cardigan, pattern by TinCan Knits, Cascade 220 superwash, Ravelry Page

Gramps Cardigan, pattern by TinCan Knits, Cascade 220 superwash, Ravelry Page

Case in point: the Gramps cardigan. I have been swooning over this pattern by TinCan Knits for months for my little man. There is just something too incredibly cute about little boys dressed in grownup clothing. Of course, even though I had been thinking and planning for a long time about this cardigan. I decided to give myself all of four days to knit it for Easter.

Because reasons.

After having a few friends talk me off of that crazy cliff, I decided to still cast it on and work really hard on it, but also gave myself the leeway that *if* I didn’t get it done on time, it was okay. I sized it up so it will fit him next year and used stash Cascade 220 superwash. The pattern was incredibly fun and fast (at least, the sweater part of it). I couldn’t believe I could have an entire sweater on my lap in just a few days! Kid knits are awesome.

Even though I worked really, really hard on this project at first, I lost steam when it came to knitting the second pocket and the elbow patches. For some reason, additional pieces just don’t come naturally to me. I have the hardest time knitting tiny little embellishments, even though they take 5 seconds. Okay, maybe longer, but you know what I mean. In other words, I didn’t even come close to getting this done for Easter. 

I did, however, finish the knitting. I have perfect white buttons that will look adorable. Why, then, can I not get up the guff to sew the darn things on? Have I mentioned how much I hate finishing work? No worries, I have it set aside in a “finishing” box, waiting for that moment when I need to finish all of the projects. Besides, I have until next fall, right?

Have you ever had a project you loved, but had a hard time finishing it? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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