Socks A La Awesome

I have to tell you about my new socks.

These socks are bright, colorful, and crazy. Oh, I love them so much.

My friend Danie of the Prairie Girls Podcast recently opened a yarn section of her Etsy shop, One Twisted Tree. She has been working really hard to create some new color combinations and yarn styles that aren’t really on the market right now. I was one of the luckiest people ever that got to test her Variegated Swirl sock base. This yarn is dyed in a way that swirls, zig zags, and pools magnificently, depending on your guage. As a thank you for testing, Danie sent me a gorgeous skein of the finished yarn in the colorway JEM’s Corporate Day Job. I also bought two more skeins when her shop opened, one in Late Night Lite Bright (also swirl) and one in Urban Hunter’s Arrow (variegated). 

I couldn’t help but cast on within a few days of receiving my yarn. I started with JEM and decided to use the ZigZagular sock pattern by Susie, the other half of the Prairie Girls Podcast. Of course, I had to keep it in my bag Danie made me (also from her Etsy shop), and I felt like I had reached level awesome in creating a real Prairie Girls project. 

Yarn: One Twisted Tree Variegated Twist in “JEM’s Corporate Day Job”, Pattern: ZigZagular Socks by Susie White. Ravelry Project Page

The yarn was such a blast to knit. I had no idea if it would zig or zag, spiral or twist. It was constantly changing, and I felt like I was painting with yarn. I used the Fish Lips Kiss heel and used the opposite side of the ball to not interrupt the swirling pattern. The first pair was finished in a week, as I was obsessively knitting on them everywhere.

After finishing that first pair, I immediately cast on the Late Night Lite Bright. Again, the same awesome swirl, and using the ZigZagular pattern with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I feel like this yarn and pattern are, in the words of the little girl in Sleepless In Seattle, MFEO. This pair took me a bit longer since I got my lace shawl groove on, but it was fantastic nonetheless. 

I have to say, these socks are the craziest thing yet to hit my sock drawer. Yet, I love every inch of them. I love the colors, the pattern, and the fit. It makes me smile when I wear them, knowing no one in the muggle world has any idea how awesome these socks are when they are covered by the leg of my jeans. Colorful socks like these are like a secret, only known to the knitter and those with sharp eyes and the right timing. They are very, very welcome addition to my Operation Sock Drawer.

What is the craziest, most colorful thing you have knit? What is your favorite item you have knit? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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