Mom’s Scarf

Mother’s Day is coming up. I have mentioned I am working on weaving my parents scarves for their big trip to Scotland next year. Well, I tried to weave one. That project turned into one big mess that I have decided to keep for myself. 

I finally got the gumption to start again. I actually pulled up the warping video again. I made sure it was at a decent hour, that I wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t watching anything engaging at the same time. I really took my time this time and actually followed the instructions instead of making up the process on my own. I have to tell you, it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to actually follow directions. My warp was beautiful. A tiny bit off in some places, but as close to perfect as I was about to get as a still-newbie. 

I was so excited about beginning to weave (there’s that dratted bug again) I had to start immmediately. Of course, I needed to watch some uber Scottish television while working on this project. I switched on the terribly-written-but-oh-so-entertaining Reign from CW. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. It’s incredibly fun to watch, but horribly inaccurate in historical value. And the costuming is, well, interesting. I love it and laugh at myself for it every time. I also started Outlander again. I have read the book by Diana Gabaldon twice. The first time left me feeling like I needed to shower for a week after reading the scene with Black Jack doing terrible things to Jamie (spoiler alert, sorry!) The second time, though, I knew what was coming and actually enjoyed it. The show….. well….. I think I’m one of the few who really doesn’t need to see so many breasts and buttocks to make a show enjoyable, and my husband no longer watches it with me. But, it’s pretty entertaining anyway, and I am working on catching up. Watching it made my weaving feel like the real deal, though I won’t be waulking the scarves. Ever. Because reasons.

Pattern: My version of the Gordon Clan Tartan Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock Ravelry Project Page

Pattern: My version of the Gordon Clan Tartan Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock Ravelry Project Page

As much as I hated weaving the first scarf, I loved making the second one. The warp was very nice, making it incredibly easy. I still haven’t figured out how to change colors without creating all of that extra fabric, so again, if you have any resources at all, I would love to see them. Books, videos, youtube, online classes, anything. One surprising aspect I have found about weaving is that there is really a lack of online content about it. If you only want to weave very basic projects, you will be fine, but I have yet to find any sort of a tutorial about plaid or changing the stitch patterns. Someone should really get on that.

After weaving both scarves, I might have enough yarn still to warp my dad’s scarf for Father’s Day, though not enough to actually weave it. I guess another trip to the Loopy Ewe is in order, which is never a bad thing. So until I get to buy more yarn, little loom, enjoy a rest and I will see you soon.

Have you had a project that you had to overcome a task to be able to finish? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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