The Bug

I seem to have caught the bug.

This sick, bug that leaves you on the couch for days at a time. The kind of bug that leads to marathons of Friends and podcasts galore. The bug that makes it so I don’t clean my house (though really, do I ever clean my house?) or even get up to take a shower some days. I wouldn’t wish this bug on anyone.

Or would I?

The bug I seem to have caught is the weaving bug. I borrowed a Schact Cricket Loom from my friend Joanna. I had a project in mind for my parents, so she graciously lent me her beautiful loom. Of course, I had absolutely no idea how to make it work. There were bars that seemed to just rest somewhere, knobs, and these plastic thingamabobs with holes in them. I had some idea what those were for, but not how to use them. 

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Of course, I started on YouTube. I watched 3 or 4 different videos on warping a loom. I used some of the YarnInk Desert Rose colorway I had so much trouble with knitting and warped the snot out of that loom. Of course, I can’t seem to just start with normal, worsted weight yarn like everyone else. I have to use sock yarn. We couldn’t find a couple of the parts to the loom when she lent it to me, so I McGyvered my orifice hook from my spinning wheel to use as the threader and a chair back instead of a real warping peg. Oh, and I never clamped the loom on to anything. Needless to say, my warping was a bit strange in places, but for my first project it turned out all right.

It only took me a couple nights to weave this scarf. As much as I disliked knitting this particular colorway (through no fault of the dyer, just not the right projects for it) it wove really nicely. You can definitely see the pops of yellow and pink, and the brown almost makes a plaid design in some areas. Plus, the texture and drape of this scarf is amazing. 

Like I said, I may have caught the bug. Or the drug. Or whatever you want to call it. What ever it is, I like it and I definitely want more of it.

What skill have you thought you would never try, then ended up trying? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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