…. A Day….

Today was…. a day. I promise not to turn this blog into a complaining mess of how hard it is to be a mom. There are plenty of blogs already out there that do that. While it’s great to vent and let others know we are real and life can be really tough sometimes, I personally don’t feel the need to share the hardness on the interwebs. I mostly feel this way because I don’t want to go back four years from now and read this and remember how hard it was.  I want to remember the happy things, the sound of my kiddos singing a song from the new Annie movie (Miss J loves Mrs. Hannigan) or Little Man C giving me “fives” and “eh-bows” all day long. So for the sake of my future memories, we will just say that today was… a day.

I knew it was going to be…. a day…. really early. Sometimes when these days come up I find something as simple as a change of scenery can really help my mood and attitude. I wanted today to be a fun day for my kiddos, so I scrapped the idea of getting loads of chores done (really, who needs a clean house anyway?) and strapped them into their car seats and headed to the local playhouse. It’s a place where we can come in and pay to stay as long as we want, with loads of toys and dress ups and a tree house for them to climb in. There are slides and push cars and ropes to swing on, and enough kids to keep the friend rotation going for hours. Adults can order coffee beverages, and cafe quality lunches are available for parents and kiddos. Plus, there is a yarn store three doors down from this playhouse. Seriously!?! It’s the best place ever. 

My favorite aspect about this place is that I can just BE. When was the last opportunity you had to just exist? To sit and bask in the glory of just being present, without having to jump or chase or run to catch your naked baby who just took off out the front door right after you got out of the shower and before you could put clothes on. (Did I mention that today was… a day….?) I am trying to be a better mom about sitting down and playing with my kids, engaging with them, putting together puzzles and reading books. I have good days at home where I feel like I am finally winning as a mom. Then there are days like today, where all I need is an opportunity to sit and think what I want to think and not have to work quite so hard for my children to be happy. After almost nine years of being a mom, I have learned that I need these days of rest just as much as my children to play and engage. Places like this can offer a good compromise; the kiddos had a blast while creating minimal injuries (on themselves, others, or property) and mommy didn’t lose her schmidt. I sat back and watched them, answering a few questions here and there and taking a couple of potty trips. Mostly, though I listened to an audio book and worked on my Follow Your Arrow 2 shawl. This sucker requires an awful lot of concentration, which would normally result in entire boxes of cereal being poured all over the floor if I tried to work on it at home. 

We had a lovely time together. In fact, we all even left happy and Miss J begged to go inside of the yarn store because “It’s right there, Mom!” (We went in, and left five minutes later before it turned into another…. day…. again). Truth be told, what started as ….a day…. became a really good day with my kids. The laundry and dishes still aren’t done, yet I consider today a total success.

What do you do when you know today is going to be a rough day? Please tell me about it in the comments below!

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