Episode 34 – Tartans and Thirties

Well, I have had to switch back to audio. Already though I can tell this is going to fit my family’s lifestyle much better. I hope you enjoy the latest episode! This one includes some of my new hobby, weaving, as well as a photography tip about multiple light sources in a room. Enjoy!

Thank You’s:

  • Laurie (KnitsWithBears) for the gorgeous Into the Whirled fiber
  • Sarah and Lydia of Oh! Loops for the yarn support and Marcella Rose pattern
  • iTunes reviews
  • Danie of Prairie Girls Knit and Spin for the stitch markers for my birthday šŸ™‚
Ultimate ZigZagular socks, pattern by Susie White and yarn by Danie of One Twisted Tree

Ultimate ZigZagular socks, pattern by Susie White and yarn by Danie of One Twisted Tree

Fiber Stories:



  • I turned 31 this month and just share a bit about my birthday. The biggest change I have had this year was meeting the most amazing knitting friends who truly “get it.”
  • My husband gifted me the Ashford Jumbo Flyer and Bobbin kit for me wheel. My mom sewed this project bag for me out of Downton Abbey fabric from The Loopy Ewe and sewed me a sewing machine cover that looks like a camper!


  • I have been working hard on sessions again. The March of Dimes March for Babies is coming up and I will be covering that.
  • For the tip this week, I talk about natural light and artificial light combined. Be sure to turn off the overhead lights in your home before using natural light in your photos! You can also use a piece of white foam core board as a reflector to maximize the amount of natural light in their image.

2 thoughts on “Episode 34 – Tartans and Thirties

  1. Melanie says:

    The tartan is beautiful!!! I’m just learning to weave on a 10" Cricket loom but haven’t tried anything like that yet. Will have to get a little more adventurous and give it a try!


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