Hitofude – Finished!

I really, really need to get better about writing about my knitting while it’s actually happening. Oh well, in the meantime, I’m enjoying catching up on sharing some of my finished objects with you!

This gorgeous sweater is the Hitofude by Hiroko Fukatsu. Truthfully, I didn’t really think of this as an “I must have it” kind of project, but everyone else was making it. I planned to purchase yarn for it at Stitches Midwest back in August, and I found some Miss Babs Katahdin in the most gorgeous purple colorway. Seriously, Babs is a genius. The layers and layers of color and texture made it so beautiful, yet subdued. I knew it would be the perfect yarn for a project whose name meant “Ink Stroke.” 

And then I put off starting it, for a few months at least. I just didn’t know if the pattern itself would be flattering on me. The area of my body I feel most self conscious about is my thighs. Let’s just say the years have not exactly been kind to them. I was worried the extra fabric around the bottom on the vertical lines on the top would make me look even more bottom heavy. I even tried one on at Stitches and still wasn’t convinced. Then National Knit A Sweater In a Month (or, NaKniSweMo) came up in November, and I decided it was time to give it a shot.

The construction is very interesting, almost like a shrug with a skirt on the bottom. I did my best with the provisional cast on but didn’t do a great job. I ended up unraveling each stitch of the waste yarn by hand instead of the nice pulling trick, but it turned out completely fine. The repeats themselves were very easy and relaxing, and I memorized them quickly. I added 2 repeats to the top half and three to the bottom, I wanted mine to be nice and long.

Project Notes:
Pattern: Hitofude by Hiroko Futkatsu
Yarn: Miss Babs Katahdin
Needles: US 6
Ravelry Page

The yarn, oh the yarn! I love the depth and the texture it created in this pattern, just enough to keep it interesting, with very little pooling and still a muted variation. It was completely my style and perfect for my wardrobe. It held up really nicely to the blocking process and shows the lace detail beautifully.

It did take me quite a bit longer than the month of November to knit this, and I finished on Christmas Eve. Although, I had a few other projects I worked on simultaneously, making it more difficult to finish on time. I wouldn’t say the actual knitting of the project was my favorite, and there were a few times I got very confused, but the finished object was completely worth it. I can already tell this is going to be a staple in my spring wardrobe, perfect for those days when it’s a bit chilly but not bitter cold. 

My husband also photographed it for me. I set the camera to Aperture priority mode with a low ISO, and set the aperture at f 2.8. This makes the sweater in focus, while everything behind me is out of focus. I am extremely please with how this sweater turned out!

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