Mom’s Acorn Trail

I know, I know, I broke a promise. I said I would keep you all updated on the progress of my mom’s Acorn Trail cardigan and I didn’t. Truth? I was too busy knitting on it to stop and blog! Then I had to give it to her and she loved it, so the rest is history.

I have to say, this might be my favorite thing I have ever knit. For 2014 I set a goal of “What ever I do, do it well.” This project shows me that I am finally hitting that mark. 

The cable detailing on this pattern seemed overwhelming six months ago when I found the pattern. Three different charts, PLUS waist shaping? I figured there was no way I could pull it off. But I did! My Sirka counter came in very handy, and this sweater flew off my needles because the cables kept my attention so well.

The yarn itself was lovely. It’s not superwash, but my mom is excellent at taking care of handmade items and I knew she was worthy of such a yarn. It has enough give to be comfortable, but it’s sturdy and incredibly soft, especially for being 100% wool. And the color? Brown doesn’t even begin to describe it. Think the most milk chocolately brown, perfect to set off my mom’s blue eyes, especially when paired with a turquoise top.

There are a few things I would go back and fix if I had the chance, like re-attaching the grossgrain ribbon and reworking the buttons, but overall I LOVE how this project came out. I feel incredibly accomplished not only to have knit her a sweater, but really taken the time to do it right. My mom loves it too, and assures me it will be worn often when the cold weather sets in. 

Project Details:

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