3rd Birthday

It’s hard to believe my baby girl turned three this month. I know, I know, the normal cliches of “Where has the time gone?” and “I blinked and you grew up!” sound so cheesy, but they are completely true. It feels like yesterday I was holding her in my arms, completely in bliss with this adorable newborn and somehow navigating a new life of having three children. 

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

I was surprised how easy life with three kids seemed to be. Everyone told us we would be outnumbered, that suddenly life would become chaotic and feel out of control. We were really nervous about adding a third, but we knew it was something that was right for our family. Then she came, and I realized our lives were already chaos. By this point we were used to the messes, the diapers, and the noise. We were used to having our valuables put away from little fingers and sharing bites of our food. We had let go of the expectations of “We will never be THOSE parents” and instead knew that, at some point, we probably would. Adding a third was, surprisingly, uneventful.

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

Then, I blinked. My sweet, adorable, tiny baby that I snuggled with until two o’clock in the morning with, turned in to a three year old. She loves to play with her My Little Ponies, wear twirly dresses, and hone in on anything and everything pink. She talks non-stop and makes up stories and songs, and repeats lines from Frozen as if it were scripture. Truthfully, she throws a lot more tantrums than she did when she was one or two, and sometimes the days feel long and difficult. While she is normally okay with humoring her cousin in being a prince instead of a princess, she also has her own opinions in how things are done. My favorite, though, is when she creeps into bed with my husband and I almost every morning. We used to think we would never let our kids sleep in our bed, and then we realized they are only little once. The time will come soon enough when she won’t want to sleep in our bed, when she will be impossible to wake for school and cringe when I kiss her goodnight. Until then, Happy Birthday, punkin. May you love being three!

Oh, and in case you were wondering if our lives stayed easy and blissful? Well, let’s just say those same people who told me about 3 kids also told me that after 3 they just keep getting easier. For the record, those people lied. Even with the craziness, though, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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