Mermaid Song Shawl

My Mermaid Song Shawl is finished! This project has been quite a process. 

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

I decided to knit this gorgeous shawl for my friend Martha to wear on her wedding day. She is such a special and wonderful person and I wanted her to feel extra fancy on her big day! The only guideline was that it had to be purple. I went on the hunt for some beautiful merino silk lace yarn, but had a really hard time finding that combination in lace that I wanted to knit. I finally stumbled upon this stunning Marine Silk Lace by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, a merino/silk/seacell blend at The Loopy Ewe

The pattern I decided to knit is the Mermaid Song Shawl by Susanna IC in the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine. My bestie gifted it to me for my birthday, and I had already knit one of these patterns by the time I settled on it for Martha’s wedding. I added some light pink-purple beads for the tips and began knitting.

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

The biggest component I love about this shawl is the construction. The border is knit first, then short rows are worked from the center outward to make the body of the shawl. I added an additional four repeats to the lace border. My original shawl from this pattern wasn’t quite the width and the height I wanted to be an actual wrap instead of a shawlette, and I knew the construction of the shawl well enough that I could alter it just fine.

Overall the project went without a hitch. I had a few mistakes here and there; some I fixed and some I didn’t. Most of the time I noticed I made more mistakes when attempting to knit at midnight while watching a movie and instant messaging my friends, and when I finally removed the distractions it went much more smoothly. 

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

Copyright Emily Straw Photography, LLC

There are so many ways to describe Martha in her shawl on her wedding day. Beaming? Glowing? Gorgeous? None of those words seem to capture how beautiful she was that day. The purple accented perfectly with the flowers and decorations everywhere. The silk shimmered in the sunlight and her eyes sparkled just as much. I knew she was very deserving of such a special gift, and she was completely worth the time it took. There is so much to say about her wedding and how wonderful it was, but I will save it for a different post. Until next time, blessings!

Find my Ravelry Page for this project here.

Pattern: Mermaid Song Shawl by Susanna IC

The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Special Issue 2013 Interweave Knits

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Marine Silk Lace, colorway “HRH Crown Princess of Purple Violetta”

ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular 40-inch (102cm) Stainless Steel Knitting Needle; Size US 7 (4.5mm) 7040-7

What was the most epic project you have made to give away? Leave a comment and link to your site to tell me all about it!

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