Episode 1 – Introductions


Thanks for listening to my new podcast! I spend a little time introducing myself and why butterflies mean a lot to me.

Episode 1 Introductions

Clicking Away –

Remember and Reminisce
  • I talk about how I started yarn work, beginning with basic crocheted baby blankets for my cousins and a scarf I used in a gift exchange. I was delighted to find out I had invented Continental Knitting.
Spinning Stories
  • I mention the Knitmore Girls podcast and how much I love their spinning stories. You will probably hear a lot more about this podcast, it’s my favorite!
  • I just started spinning on a drop spindle for the first time two weeks ago. I picked up my spindle at the Longmont Yarn Shoppe and used all the roving that came with it.
  • I picked up some Woolen Park St. Yarns corriedale roving from The Loopy Ewe, and currently have spun about 2 oz. of the 8 I bought.
Countdown to 30
  • Currently 20 weeks (140 days), 23 hours, and some change from my 30th birthday.
  • I talk about how much my life changed from age 20 to 30, from getting married to having 4 kids to buying a house. I am very picket fence-y.
Basement Tales
  • We finally finished sanding and mudding in the living room, this week I got to pick out fabric for pillows, curtains, and cushions. I used those fabrics to pick out paint colors, and we plan on painting the living room this weekend.
Shout Out
  • This episode’s Shout Out goes out to The Nerdy Knitter. I have crocheted her Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash patterns, she is currently reworking her Fluttershy pattern and it’s even more beautiful. Check out her Ravelry page for more stunning toy designs.
Ways to Find Me:

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