Knitting Butterflies Episode 2 – Facial Hair

Thank you for listening to my new podcast! This is Episode 2, and I am really enjoying my new podcasting adventures. I was holding a sleeping baby during this recording so I apologize for my voice sounding much more sleepy this week. I hope you enjoy it! Blessings!


-Knitting Butterflies can now be found on iTunes! Please subscribe and leave a review!

-You can always find me on my blogRavelry, and Instagram. I will continue blogging as projects get finished but the podcast will have much more information, hopefully the two will go hand in hand well.

-Thank you to all the listeners for the amazing support as I started this podcast!

Clicking Away-

Patons Kroy Brown Ragg Stripes

Patons Kroy Brown Ragg Stripes

Vanilla Toe Up Socks in Patons Kroy 4 Ply are still going, mostly in the car

Minion Hats have taken over our house and children. So far 3 of the 4 are finished, I made up the pattern myself.

-Alana Dakos’s pattern Sprig is my new covet, I have some Cascade 220 from the Loopy Ewe. I am swatching and hoping my measurements will still work for after I am nursing. (Thoughts?) I picked out the colorway with help from a pink-haired girl who reminded me of Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls.

My girls in their Minion Hats

My girls in their Minion Hats

Spinning Stories-

-Still working on the first 4 oz. of Woolen Mills St. Yarn’s corriedale in Juliette Jules. I have plied all my singles so far and have one more ounce to go. Plans for the finished yarn are probably a hat and mittens.

Remember and Reminisce-

“Girl on Fire” knit in Brown Sheep Wildfoote

-In honor of the movie Catching Fire coming out tomorrow, I decided to talk about my Girl on Fire scarf. It’s knit with Brown Sheep Company’s Wildfoote in Circus, a beautiful project but not the best yarn for this particular type of project. I am also planning on knitting another one in Cascade 220 in Rainier Heather for my friend’s birthday in December. 


Countdown to 30-

-When I headed into my 20’s I hated facial hair. After I changed my ways, and I have been recently caught staring at my husband’s awesome beard instead of listening to what he is saying. No Shave November is the best thing ever.

Basement Tales-

We painted all the walls a beautiful filmy green and the ceiling a contractor bone color. Plans to build the built in bookshelves, entertainment center, and window seat will hopefully go underway tomorrow. Do you think we will make it in by Christmas?

Shout Outs:

Orange-Maid shared an amazing Chinese Waitress cast on with our Ravelry group, I amsuper excited to start a new project with it! Maybe that Falling Water scarf?

MaggieVienna from shared the first FO in our group, she has also been incredibly supportive in the start of this podcast and her hat is super cute!

-Debbie4 made in incredible Glacier Sweep shawl in Dragonfly Fibers Starry Night and Daffodil, it looks just like the Van Gogh painting! I want one for my home decor.

Mimers has a great podcast called Hudson Valley Knits, she is hosting a knit along for gifts. The Dragonfly Fibers Starry Night is the prize, so join in and check out her podcast!

Windybrook Spinner asked what my favorite species of butterfly is, it’s the Blue Morpho butterfly from Latin America.

-I love The Fat Squirrel Speaks, maybe I might accidentally end up talking like her sometime.

I will not be podcasting next week (Thanksgiving) but I plan on doing a bi-weekly schedule. The response to this podcast has been great so far, and I have some very exciting events coming up and even giveaways and reviews for the listeners! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week, and I will talk to you soon!


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