I took several classes recently on Creative Live (seriously, if you haven’t checked out this site yet, please do!) My latest favorite was Pricing and Sales with Julia Keeler. Julia is a newborn photographer in a small town near Portland, and I was blown away by every second of this class.She taught not only taught about pricing, she talked about the total customer experience that makes you worth a higher price tag. She brought emotions in to her sessions and sales, all while keeping it in a positive light. If I can be half the photographer she is someday, I will feel very blessed indeed.

I have written down several baby steps I would like to take in revamping my own business. The first is working on rebranding. One key point she talked about is that you need to make your brand reflect you, instead of trying to make it what your clients might “want.” I learned how my clients want me, and the more I capture what I am passionate about and I love, the more my brand will be built.

I started with a logo search on Etsy and ended up finding several excellent choices in marketing sets. I narrowed it down to a few choices, and while I would have much preferred to have an exclusive marketing set, the budget only allowed for an inexpensive revamp. As long as no one else in my area uses the same logo, I think I will be just fine. In truth, I LOVE THIS.

I chose a color scheme that can be neutral for boys or girls as I have decided tomostly focus on babies, children, and families, as well as still teaching knitters how to photograph their knits on the podcast. I still plan on photographing seniors occasionally, but since my own photography got started by me capturing moments of my kiddos, I thought it would be great to really hone in on this particular passion in my brand.

I will be working on my website extensively in the near future to make it match the brand, so stay tuned for updates! Blessings!

What do you think of the new brand? Have you ever had that ah-ha moment for your business?

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